Who are we

Who are we?

We are a company dedicated and specialized in the international transportation and logistics of goods with more than 27 years of solid experience in the market. Located in the most strategic business areas of the world such as: USA, China, Panama and Venezuela; which undoubtedly allows us to offer you speed and efficiency in each of our services.

Our extensive experience has made us optimizers of businesses like yours. Therefore, we offer you specific solutions for specific needs of any intermodal logistics operation (air, sea and land), warehousing and customs clearance.

The company’s philosophy is geared towards finding practical logistics solutions with unique technology. Plus Logistics Usa is constantly one step ahead in terms of technology, customer service and industry standards.

Our Vision.

Our vision is to become the most efficient provider of integrated international freight and logistics services, which we are confident we can achieve, thanks to the effort and dedication we put into each of our clients.

Our Mission

To provide customers with the best logistics and operations management solutions worldwide at a cost-effective price, while consistently exceeding industry standards.

This proactive attitude of Plus Logistics Usa will allow customers to reach their optimal growth potential.